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A Keen Signature Services provides a nationwide repository of independent signing agents who have been accepted into our database to provide document-signing services.

Our services include:

- Appointment scheduling and confirmation

- Signing completion tracking and documentation

We require the following information to open a signing order:

- Signee's name and address 

- Escrow or loan identification number

- Anticipated signing location, date and time 

You may communicate this information to our scheduling team via email, fax, or on-line when placing an order. Utilizing our scheduling system, we automatically retrieve your information and confirm the signing appointment with an agent within 90 minutes of receiving the order.

In today's competitive marketplace, representation by qualified, trained, professional agents is imperative.   We take great measures to thoroughly screen all of our agents and provide you with a reliable, nationwide network of agents. We know the importance of maintaining the relationship you have built with your clients and we will go over and beyond typical service levels to ensure that your signing is completed professionally and accurately.




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